Spring 2011 – Theme: Social Media

Thank you to all our participants and congratulations to the “Love at First Sight” team (Angela Labrozzi, Alison Smith, and Lincy Thomas) on receiving the 1st prize amount of $3500, and to the “Business Book” team (Jane Fitzgerald and Natalia Saldarriaga) for the second prize of $1500.

The final round of the FWiB annual case competition took place on Thursday March 31st.  Dean Gautschi kicked off the event with a warm welcome to the participants and the panel of judges, which included alumna and faculty members.  Three teams had advanced to the final round and they each put on an impressive presentations and came up with innovative ideas on a new social media concept.  The presentations were judged on the teams’ ability to identify a market void, the concept and its economic viability, the strategic outcome, and presentation.  The presentations were followed by individual team evaluations, lunch and an award ceremony where Dean Lipper announced the winning teams.

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